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Standing in line at the resort gives you plenty of time to ponder your situation. What if there was another path, a road less travelled? Well, friend, you're in for a treat. The Rome Uprise Splitboard is built to feed your habit without having to deal with the crowds at the resort. Crafted with Bamboo HotRods and Rome's versatile Free-the-Ride Camber profile, this split offers handles the skin track with ease and slays when you point it down. Problem solved.
Price $920.00

SWOON Arbor Snowboard

The Arbor Swoon Camber Snowboard is an all-around board for expert riders. It has an exceptionally well-balanced twin shape and a fully cambered profile, making it a blast for blasting through chunder or blasting off to the moon. It floats beautifully through powder, cuts with scalpel-like precision through technical terrain and provides tons of energy and snappy response for playing with speed and turn shapes on mellower runs.
Price $880.00

FUNKINK Bataleon Snowboard

<p>It's right there in the name; the Bataleon Fun.Kink Snowboard is all about fun (don't worry about the other part). This all-mountain twin has mellow camber and predictable medium flex. Utilizing Triple Base tech for silky smooth turn initiation, the Fun.Kink makes the most of every situation you put it in. It turns the whole mountain into a terrain park, and makes the park feel better than ever. More butter than a movie theater in this one!</p>
Price $880.00

BOSS Bataleon Snowboard

<p>This is your boss speaking. We've found your performance of late to be quite underwhelming. You've been spending far too many days at the office. The park is finally looking primed up in midseason form, and you're sitting inside crunching Excel spreadsheets? I'm going to need to to take a sick day to go spin off some kickers and nose press some handrails, pronto. I mean, Bataleon didn't work so hard to put this many high end materials into one premium twin board for nothing, did they? Oh yeah, and don't tell your work boss I said all this. This is your other, cooler boss - the Bataleon Boss Snowboard</p>
Price $875.00

GOGO Amplid Snowboard

<p>Reinvigorating the Gogo meant going back to the drawing board. Improving this popular freestyle snowboard’s all-mountain capabilities was top of the agenda; a directional twin shape and camber-dominant Hybrid-V bend tick that box. Lofty in powder, secure on an edge and teeming with energy, the Gogo is effortless to ride, but has plenty of performance in reserve.</p>
Price $700.00